Derrick embarked on his professional journey in 1988 when he commenced his career at Ford Motor Company, where he served as an apprentice electrical and electronics engineer. His area of expertise revolved around automation and controls tailored for manufacturing plants. As a qualified electrical and electronics technician, Derrick actively contributed to the installation and commissioning of some of the earliest fully automated assembly lines in the United Kingdom.

During the challenging economic climate of the mid-1990s, marked by a recession that significantly impacted the motor manufacturing industry, Derrick, faced with familial responsibilities and a substantial mortgage, made a pivotal career shift into the realm of sales. Serendipitously, his initial foray into this new direction, where he could blend his engineering acumen with salesmanship, led him to a prominent UK-based fire detection and alarm manufacturer. There, he found his calling and never looked back, as the fire safety industry presented a distinctive set of challenges and gratifications. Every day brought fresh insights into the industry, market dynamics, products, and standards, all underscored by the rewarding knowledge that their work contributed to saving lives and safeguarding properties.

Over his illustrious career spanning nearly 27 years, Derrick has been involved in some of the most substantial projects, installations, and intricate systems within the fire detection and alarm manufacturing sphere. His professional journey has evolved through diverse roles, encompassing regional sales, team leadership, business unit management, product launches, market development, and active participation in industry working groups.

For the past five years, Derrick has been a key member of the Kentec Electronics Ltd team, assuming the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. During this tenure, he has achieved remarkable milestones, including Kentec’s receipt of several industry awards and outstanding growth accomplishments, particularly within the international arena. Derrick has also been instrumental in establishing the highly successful global Kentec Installation Partner and Kentec Authorised Distributor programme, which provides invaluable support to customers through industry-leading training, technical assistance, and access to award-winning products.