FIA Cyprus’ Fire Summit 2023

Shaping the future of Fire Safety

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Fire Summit in Cyprus, an iconic event combining a comprehensive Conference and Exhibition with a Fire Industry Association Trade Mission. Scheduled for Thursday, 19th October, in Nicosia, this Fire Summit also signifies the official launch of FIA Cyprus.


We cordially extend our invitation to all fire safety professionals from various sectors to participate in this valuable free event, promising a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and strategic insights.

The Why: Challenges of the Cypriot Fire Industry

Recent events have served as stark reminders of the critical role fire safety plays in safeguarding lives, properties, and the environment. Two major incidents in Cyprus – a fire at a hotel in Protaras and another at a recycling centre – have narrowly avoided turning into tragedies. Although no lives were lost, the significant damage to property and the environment highlight the urgency for enhanced fire safety measures.

If we do not collectively address fire safety issues, we risk facing a catastrophic fire incident with potentially devastating consequences. We need to act now to prevent this. This is where the Fire Summit comes into play – an event tailored to fire safety professionals to address, learn, and act on these critical issues.

Here are a selection of the issues currently facing the Cypriot fire industry:

Inadequate Fire Safety Systems: The Summit will address the lack of adequate fire safety systems in some critical infrastructure and high-rise buildings in Cyprus, discussing effective strategies for improving fire safety measures in these settings.

Increasing Forest Fires: With the rise in forest fires, it’s more important than ever to learn about effective prevention methods and efficient firefighting techniques. This subject will be a focal point of our conference, providing crucial insights to tackle this growing issue.

Maintenance of Fire Safety Systems: Lack of proper maintenance of fire safety systems is a serious concern. At the Fire Summit, professionals will gain insights into best practices for maintaining these systems and understand the vital role regular checks play in ensuring their efficacy.

Competency Checks: It’s alarming to note the absence of competency checks on professionals working on fire safety systems. The Summit will emphasize the importance of such checks and discuss ways to implement them effectively in our industry.

Fire Safety Training: The deficit of training on fire safety systems, both for professionals involved in their installation and maintenance, and for building managers, needs addressing. The conference will provide valuable learning opportunities allowing you to become more competent.

The Fire Summit has been a unique opportunity for any professional in the fire safety industry. By attending, you have contribute to the collaborative effort to improve fire safety in Cyprus, enhancing your professional skills, and playing a crucial part in preventing future fire incidents. Let’s act together, today, to ensure a safer tomorrow for Cyprus.

The What: Conference and Exhibition

Our Fire Summit has been a dynamic free 1-day conference integrated with an exhibition. Centred around four pivotal topics like:

  • best practices in high-rise buildings
  • the future of fire safety
  • the challenges and solutions for the Fire Rescue Services
  • the role of competence

Within each topic will have had presentations from industry leaders and at the end of the topic there has been be a thought-provoking panel discussion with key stakeholders from both Cyprus and UK fire industries.

Here is how you can benefit from attending the Conference.

Professional Development: Each seminar at our conference is CPD accredited by the FIA. This means that attending these sessions not only broadens your knowledge but also contributes to your professional development and competency in the fire safety industry.

In-depth Knowledge: The conference covers critical topics in the fire safety industry. Attending these discussions allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of key issues, such as best practices in high-rise buildings and the future direction of fire safety.

Industry Expert Access: The conference offers direct access to key stakeholders in the Cyprus and UK fire industries. This presents an exclusive opportunity to learn from their expertise and gain invaluable insights.

Network Expansion: In addition to the networking opportunities at the exhibition, the conference offers the chance to connect with fellow professionals, fostering collaboration and sharing of ideas within the community.

Stay Informed on Challenges and Solutions: Understanding the challenges faced and the strategies employed to overcome these is key to better performance in your role. The conference offers insight into these crucial areas and equips you with knowledge to implement effective solutions.

The Exhibition:

This event has featured around 20 UK companies and 10 Cypriot companies that have exhibiting their industry leading products and innovations. This exhibition provided another fantastic platform for your growth as a professional.

Direct Product Insight: Explore cutting-edge products and technologies first-hand. Engage directly with exhibitors, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in the fire safety industry.

Discover Solutions: The exhibition features solutions to a myriad of industry-specific challenges. Whether you’re an installer, designer, maintainer, commissioner, or engineer, you can find practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Stay Ahead of Trends: Get a pulse on the future of the fire safety industry. By interacting with leading companies and their offerings, you will gain insight into the trends shaping the industry, helping you stay ahead of the curve in your professional career.

Networking with Industry Colleagues: Connecting directly with representatives from leading UK and Cypriot companies allows you to grow your professional network. These interactions could lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, or opportunities for professional development.

Educational Opportunities: Many exhibitors offer demonstrations, presentations, or seminars. These educational opportunities deepen your knowledge about the products, techniques, or strategies that could enhance fire safety in your workplace or community.

The Who:


The FIA is the largest fire protection trade association in Europe, committed to enhancing fire protection methods, services, and equipment. Our primary goal is to uplift fire safety professionals’ expertise through representation, technical support, and opportunities for professional advancement. Following two years of constructive discussions, we’ve set up FIA Cyprus, a standalone branch operated by Cypriots for Cypriots.

Our objective is to raise the bar of professionalism and competence in the Cypriot fire safety industry, improving standards, and fostering a strong sense of collaboration and community among industry professionals in Cyprus.


We received diverse attendees spanning from fire safety industry professionals to sectors such as construction, security, hotels, universities, and government bodies. Job roles include installers, designers, maintainers, commissioners, engineers, health and safety inspectors, building managers, facilities managers, and consultants. As a result, the Fire Summit has been the best opportunity for those in the Cypriot Fire Industry to network, learn and establish meaningful business relationships.

Strategic Partners and Stakeholders:

The Fire Summit has been supported by our Strategic Partners, many of whom have been in attendance and contributed to the conference. We were grateful to have the following entities keen to collaborate on the critically important issue of improving fire safety in Cyprus:

Cypriot Government Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) CERIDES
Cypriot Fire Rescue Service Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation (CYS) Hotel Associations
Cypriot Police Service Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) Insurance Association
Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (ANAD) British High Commission
Electrical Authority of Cyprus (EAC) European University of Cyprus UK Defence Security Exports (Department of International Trade)

Moreover, we are actively pursuing more strategic partners such as CYTA, representatives from the construction industry, and other universities.

In conclusion, the Fire Summit has served as the official launch of FIA Cyprus, while offering networking opportunities with the Cypriot fire safety market, government officials, and other stakeholders.

The Details:

If you would like to attend for free, sign up here.

If you are a company and would like to exhibit, please contact [email protected]

Join us and be a part of this momentous occasion. Together, we can shape a safer future for all.

For further inquiries, contact us at [email protected]